Our Farewell to Karen

One of the three Canadians in our class got accepted as a transfer student to the University of Toronto’s Dental School Program. We’re super happy for Karen but we’re also sad to see her go. We went for dinner one last time at Melting Pot.

I’ve never been to a Melting Pot before so I had tons of fun. They were also running a restaurant week menu which let us try a lot of different things. We started with some traditional cheese fondue (of which I cannot find my photos) which was really good.

I also like how they prepare the fondue in front of you; it’s almost like a live cooking show!

I think the only pain is waiting for food to cook. I miss hot pot when the meat is sliced super thin and only takes a few seconds to cook. Here I had to keep waiting and we all know that my patience levels are very low especially when food is concerned! This ended up being a nice slow meal!

Dessert was probably the most exciting when they brought this huge tray of goodies! I felt like it was way too much… but we ended up finishing it anyways!
  The classic chocolate-peanut butter mix:

It was a fun meal and I’m glad we got to share it with Karen before she left!


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