Cecilia and I spent a lazy Sunday just wandering through New York and decided to stop for brunch at Sarabeth’s. Apparently it’s really well known for its preserves and she had heard some good things about it so we decided to give it a try!

I have decided that this picture shows that we have the same nose.

I ended up trying the Popeye eggs ( I was attracted to the spinach) which had some really tasty tomatoes on the side.

We also tried the pork and apricot sausage! Mm very tasty and had bits of apricot stuffed in with an apricot jelly underneath!

Cecilia had the frittata I think?

Sarabeth’s like to serve these English muffins with their “legendary preserves”. To be honest I thought the muffins were dry and the preserves weren’t anything too special. I still had a good time though since we got to people watch and weren’t stressed about going anywhere!


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