My Deepest Apologies

I know I’ve been super absent form the blog this past little while and I blame school!! I know it’s only been two weeks back but we’ve been super hard at work finishing projects in GRD lab.

There are two reasons why I feel busier than usual:

  1. One of the buildings is celebrating its 100th birthday and they figured it would be a good time to renovate. We only have one main lab now and as per usual our class is split in half so that one group works in the morning and the other works in the afternoon. Since they’ve taken out our spare lab this means I can’t go work on things while the other half of our class is in lab which equating to long hours into the evening. =(
  2. I’m not a hundred percent sure why they did this but originally second year starts with Dentures (which I heard has a slow build up) and then switches over to Fixed Prosthetics (where we learn about crowns and bridges). But they switched these courses around (which I think I’m thankful for) and the result is that we were immediately thrown back into the middle of school. Over the past 10 days of school we had 6 days of lab with sometimes multiple projects due on the same day. Stressful is definitely one way to describe it. I’m hoping that now GRD is only two days a week,  life will calm back down again!

I just feeling like lying on my couch and not moving after these first two weeks!


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