DC Adventures Part 2

On our first day in DC we decided to go on a bus tour of the city to get a basic idea of where everything was. It was also super hot and we didn’t want to walk everywhere.
This is me and my cousin Breanna waiting for the rest of our family.

My mom and my aunt enjoying their first day in DC with some beautiful trees.

I think that the best part about DC is that all the Smithsonian Museums offer free admission! My only regret is that I didn’t have time to visit all of them =( We ended up going on to the Museum of American History which was pretty neat. (I was most excited to see Julia Child’s kitchen.) They had this giant American flag made out of Lego.

And of course they had the replica of Julia Child’s kitchen
*Fun fact: the man in the back is not actually Julia Child even though it appears that he is standing in her kitchen.

The only way that we can make planes, trains and automobiles more exciting is by being super silly.

We also saw the famous ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. They were definitely not as exciting in the museum and they had some pretty terrible lighting going on as well.

They also had this cool thing (at the Smithsonian castle) where you could take a picture and they would make you into a collage. This is me and my mom… if you couldn’t tell!

Even though it was super hot, we got to see some pretty neat things so far in DC. Can’t wait for another adventure!


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