DC Adventures Part 1

Since my family was planning to visit me in Philly, we decided to make it an intense family vacay and visit DC and NYC as well. Though I’ve been to New York a few times, this was my first experience in DC which was pretty cool!
I really loved their transit system (I think the architecture of the stations is pretty neat).

This was my first albeit blurry view of the US Capitol. It was going under some renovations due to some cracks in the dome so we didn’t get to see it in all its glory. My family is pretty terrible at American landmarks and thought it was the White House =(
At least they tried?

I arrived a few hours earlier than the rest of my family (my mom, aunt, uncle and cousin) and by the time they got there they were starving. So I took them on their first Shake Shack adventure. It was a complete and total success. Naturally we ordered almost everything on the menu and they loved it! They actually loved it so much that we just kept going back after that….

And that concludes my first few hours in DC =)


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