The Impressionists at Philly’s Art Museum

Over the summer Philly was having an Impressionist Exhibit. I never knew how much Impressionist art Philly had but apparently their collection is quite extensive. Unfortunately the special exhibit wasn’t covered under pay what you want Wednesdays. Desi (my lab supervisor) ended up going after work!

Seriously my fav piece in this exhibit… I had to take a sneaky pic. I love Monet’s Dahlias.

We also decided to pretend to be impressionist models with the $88 hat.

Desi rocked it!

Oohlala an Eiffel tower cookie cutter!

We also checked out different galleries at the museum (it’s a very eclectic collection including a gallery on armor!) We also say Van gogh’s sunflowers (look familiar mom?)

Unfortunately there was too much to see and I’ll definitely have to go back. I was slightly disappointed with the exhibit (nothing beats the Musée d’Orsay) and there were very few ballerinas =( But I did learn that Mary Cassatt sent her brother a lot of paintings (he lived in Philly which explains the large collection at the museum).


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