One Year Later

Exactly one year ago, I packed up my life in Edmonton, got on a plane with my dad and officially moved to Philadelphia. I was scared but excited; it was my first time not living at home which is kind of crazy! At first I was still in shock. I knew for months that I would be moving to Philly, but it never really settled in. Even now I still feel like I’m on vacation. I wake up in the morning and it’s already so hot whereas it would still be cool in the mornings back home. Or I go to sleep during the summer and the sun is definitely not out anymore. Or I would leave the dental school and its wonderful air conditioning only to be hit by a giant wall of humidity.

But I’ve also come to realize that I’ve been super lucky. My family constantly visits and now my sister has even moved closer to me! I’ve also met some amazing friends. My classmates are like my new family and they’re always up for all kinds of adventures. I was worried that my whole life would revolve around dental school, but I’ve also had the chance to meet other people at Penn and that has truly made moving away from home a better experience. It almost scares me how I could have chosen a different city or a different path in life and I would never have met so many amazing people.

Every day I feel like Philadelphia is becoming more of a home to me. I always feel like I’m discovering something new that this city has to offer and I love every minute of it. Though I still don’t understand why so many people come here as tourists, I still love this city. I love the row houses. I love the architecture. I love that it’s so walkable. I love how sometimes there are cobblestones on the street that remind me of how old this city is. I love that there are so many wonderful restaurants on random corners.

If you’ve been reading my blog I usually like to share pictures more than my feelings but I figured that my one year anniversary of moving here needed something different! Here’s to hoping that my next three years are even better and even more fun! (and that I still have time to update my blog!)



  1. I love all parts of your blog.

    But mentioning poached eggs when there aren’t any eggs in my fridge is just plain mean. 🙂

    Glad your move has been so fulfilling! Some people have a hard time building community when they move to a new city, but it seems like you’ve got that part covered.

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