H Mart 

 This weekend Gary Yvonne and I headed to H Mart (Gary and I needed rice). We also went upstairs to the food court and got some Korean food!  

Let’s just say that lugging two bags of rice home (even with a shopping cart) was a very interesting adventure! 


Lab Bonding 

 Some of the people in the lab are taking their GREs and so I made the executive decision that we would start learning new vocabulary as a lab. The goal is that by the end of the day, everyone has to have used these words in proper context. Friday was our first day and it resulted in some hilarious sentences! 

Lab Partners

Today Hassan struggled to eat a plum. He sure had a lot of questions.  Skin or no skin? Was there a pit in the middle or no pit? What should he do with his cup?  In the end he succeeded in actually eating the plum but definitely overthought the whole process. 


Hassan and I are lab mates so get ready for an exciting summer filled with Hassan stories!