Fable (“farm to table”) is probably my favorite restaurant in Vancouver. Not only do they have really good brunch, but their dinner menu is fantastic too! This time around Andrew and I sat at the ‘chef’s table’ so we got to see them cooking away.

I had the tomato soup and grilled cheese as an appetizer. (The grilled cheese is definitely something special. Very gooey and very tasty.)

But one of their crowd favorites is the spaghetti and meatball. It’s served covered in parmesan foam which is the best since it infuses the noodles with it’s wonderful flavor.

I ended up trying the salmon (on a bed of kale hummus and potatoes) though I was seriously considering the gnocchi.

While Andrew attempted the flat iron steak (the black bean jelly was probably the most interesting part).

But sitting in front of the chefs definitely made this experience more exciting. It definitely felt like we were watching some type of performance as the chefs whirled around throwing ingredients into pans and adding sauces and garnishes to their plates. But the best part was that it felt like we were watching a competition on TV but then we actually got a chance to eat the food that was prepared. Isn’t that everyone’s Food Network dream?


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