You know that feeling when you can hear the ice cream truck music in the distance and know that the ice cream truck is coming down the road so that you can get ice cream? Well multiple that feeling by infinity because last monday we were promised FREE ice cream delivered right to our garden. (I know! It gets rid of all the unpleasantness of a real ice cream truck situation: a) when you have to chase after the truck and b) when you have to pay for the ice cream.)

But after twenty minutes and still no ice cream truck, we were starting to feel a little exasperated. (I’d like to say that you can see it Hassan, my and Akash’s faces, but it was just really sunny out and we were squinting.)


At this point we found out that the ice cream truck was stuck in traffic and was not actually going to come anymore and so we sadly dispersed. I ended up going to McDonald’s for $1 ice cream but I was still pretty sad about the whole thing.   I strongly dislike Mondays. 

Update: the ice cream truck apparently arrived at 1 but we were all already back in class/clinic/lab so we still didn’t get ice cream.  


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