La Bella Italia! aka The Restaurant School

After GRD last week, Mark, Amanda and I were having a ton of difficulty trying to figure out what we should eat for dinner. We wanted it to be special so Mark suggested that we go to the Restaurant School.

Since we wanted the Italian menu (a “7” course pasta meal for $15 each), we were seating in the Italian Trattoria.

We started with a tomato soup which was really good =)

And then we had a Caesar salad (it had tons of anchovies to give it a good kick!)

Then we tried five different pastas including a lemon fusilli with capers, an orecchiette with mascarpone and tomatoes, a pesto penne, a shrimp farfalle and an elbow with olives and tomatoes. They were all very good except for the lemon fusilli which came out very sour!

Halfway through the dinner we found out that it was flambe week in the courtyard so we politely asked if we could have the special dessert. They were extremely nice and moved us to the courtyard where we could have dessert! I think Mark enjoyed the view!

We also took a video of the bananas foster being made but it came out very blurry =( my apologies

But the final product was delicious!

We had so much fun and so much food! It was a super nice night to relax by a fountain after a stressful week at school!


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