Mark and I drove to the King of Prussia mall since we had a four hour break on Thursday. It was pretty fabulous and I don’t think we even went through half of it! 

But the most exciting part is that they opened a David’s Tea in the mall! They just opened up in November and I think this is the first one in Pennsylvania. (David’s Tea is a Canadian tea store that has some delicious tea blends!) 

 So we stocked up on some exotic Canadian tea 🙂 


I’m glad that I got to share my tea love ❤

My current faves from Dave’s:

  1. The spice is right 
  2. Glitter and gold
  3. Dragon pearls
  4. Strawberry fields
  5. Green and Fruity 


  1. I love “cold 911”. Really helps when you’ve got a nagging cough. But smells medicinal, so not really a tea to brew on a random day.

    I’m not a fan of how we sniff the communal tea tins at David’s. But I buy the prepackaged-vacuum sealed stuff so I’m not discouraged from tea drinking!

    • I actually like the smell of cold 911! I stocked up on some but haven’t gotten sick yet!
      But the part we sniff is different from where they actually take the tea out! (Or at least I hope it’s like that at your david’s!!) Otherwise yea I would agree that it would be disturbing!

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