Chicken Over Rice The Best Thing Ever – Mark

We love our chicken over rice =)


*Mark is currently giving me a lecture about the chicken over rice menu as I type this. He could probably write a thesis on it.

Here’s some of the monologue that’s going on next to me:

“always get the white and red sauce but there’s a mysterious green sauce that I’ve seen some people get but I don’t know what it really is….I was first introduced to chicken over rice in NYC at a halal guys across the street from MOMA…When I found out there was a cart in Philadelphia, my life was forever changed….AND you can get fish over rice which I haven’t tried yet but I want to…I could even write a whole other essay comparing the three chicken over rice carts on campus…see on of them is closer to the gym… no fish at that one… more buttery sauce… I’ve asked”


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