Lego Exhibit

While Andrew was in Philly, we visited the Lego Exhibit at the Franklin Institute. This was definitely one of the coolest things I have ever seen and I definitely recommend everyone seeing it if they love Lego or art or both!

The whole exhibit was made by Nathan Sawaya, who started out as a lawyer but reverted back to his passion for Legos. I’m just going to say that I’m really glad that he went back to Lego.

This lego replica wasn’t actually in the exhibit but was on the lower floor of museum. A student from Philly actually made this and I think it’s pretty neat!

    Sawaya has a whole section based on famous artwork. At first I figured that it would be just 2D replicas of famous works, but it was so much more! He also includes some interesting facts about the original artist or the piece so you can understand what Sawaya was trying to accomplish in his interpretation.

3D Vitruvian man. I know.

I honestly think that was what I enjoyed the most. It was a replica of a stained glass window.   And the beauty is that it actually works like a stained glass window due to the clear lego pieces!   An ancient cave painting of a fat horse.   

And here’s where it gets more interesting. This is Whistler’s Mother and I love it because he kept the background as a 2D image, but made the mother stand out as a 3D sculpture.

Look at that texture!

The Creation of Man (to scale of the Vatican version).

The Great Sphinx (not to scale)

He even has my favorite statue!

I think this was Andrew’s favorite. The T Rex was very neat

Can you imagine wearing a dress of Lego?

And of course, the Liberty Bell!

Now that you’ve seen all my favorites I recommend that you actually see the exhibit! Evenings (after 5) are $20 and unfortunately the Lego isn’t included in free Wednesdays =(


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