Snow Day Round 2?

Last night the weather forecast called for snow… and lots of it! We were all pretty excited since this potentially meant another snow day! But this time, the school was more reluctant to cancel school since there was no snow last time. This is what the snow looked like at 8 this morning:

One of our professors decided to be proactive and cancelled lab for us since she was worried about our instructors commuting to and from the school. Without lab, we decided to have Snow Day Brunch again (post to come). Unfortunately, we were still scheduled for one hour of lecture, so we bundled up and headed over to the school for 1 o’clock.

(Have I mentioned that Shaz is a model back in Chicago? I think it’s ingrained in him. The ketchup bottle agrees.)

Amanda and I were not happy about going to school:

At about 1:12 the UPenn emergency alert system sent us all a message saying that the university was closing at 1:30 due to the weather conditions. Apparently they wanted to delay closing the school since a ton of undergrads had midterms and they didn’t want to postpone them till after spring break next week. But we just wanted to get lecture over and done with so we all sat tight and finished our lecture.

This is what the snow looks like now and it’s still coming down! Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


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