The Best Day of our Dental School Lives!

So last week we were supposed to write our CNS exam but it got postponed because we had a partial snow day. The exam got moved to Friday morning so there we all were sitting in our classroom 40 minutes into the exam when all of a sudden there was a loud boom and then the lights went out. That’s when the emergency evacuation alarm started. Our first thought was that this cannot be happening. At first we were confused. Some of us even tried to keep going on with the exam. But we were eventually told to leave.


Amber, the admin assistant took a photo of us in the dark.

At this point we were beyond frustrated. Would this mean that we would have to postpone the exam again?? The firefighters had even stopped by but they just couldn’t get the generator to come back on so there were still no lights in the whole building. So after half an hour of waiting, our professor comes up and makes the announcement that the exam had now been invalidated. This was our reaction of anger and mutiny.


BUT we would all be getting 100% on our exams!


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