Long Weekends Mean More Time for Eating

It’s the third week of January and in America that means there’s a holiday. MLK day.

It’s a weird feeling. In Canada we would have just started school again and there wouldn’t be a holiday coming up until February. But I took advantage of the extra day off by making breakfast this morning for the house.

We had fridge omelettes. So basically whatever I had in the fridge. Mark’s initial reaction: Oh we’re having hot dogs in the omelette? Cool. But hey! We didn’t finish them all from Japadog night so of course I wanted to reconstitute them into another dish. I also added some sun-dried tomatoes which helped to cut down on the heavy salt from the hots dogs. Also today’s life lesson is that hashbrowns don’t bake well in the oven; they’re better pan fried.


Mark was in charge of fruit, so of course he went all out.


Was that an apple swan? Yes yes it was.  Did I mention that he was being fancy?


I’m glad that my roommates and I got to spend some more time together! It’s been very fun these past few days =)

And now, back to studying!


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