The Brooklyn Bridge Is a Long Bridge

Cecilia had this absolutely *brilliant* idea that we should walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday morning so that when we got hot chocolate on the other side, it would taste so much better. Our goal was the Jacques Torres chocolate shop in Brooklyn (which Vanessa had heard about years ago). So we set off across the bridge.


We did get some killer views of the skyline though so that was fun! But it was quite windy =(


When we finally got across the river, the chocolate shop wasn’t open quite yet so we were forced to eat in a patisserie.



It was like a nightmare… surrounded by these glorious little desserts.


So I caved and had an almondine which was chocolate mousse on top of a hazelnut and wafer cookie blend.


But finally, the chocolate shop was open and I got my hot chocolate! Otherwise I would have had to eat another croissant because the first one didn’t last very long.



Was it absolutely delicious? Yes, yes it was.
Was it worth the walk? hmmmm….


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