The Pennsylvania Bacon Festival

I love Bacon. And what’s better than bacon? A festival dedicated to bacon. Yvonne and I went to the Bacon Festival after stopping by the Philly Fall Festival,
Since people love beer and bacon, they festival was checking everyone’s ID, and this is when I ran into my first ID hiccup: they don’t accept Canadian IDs. I know! It’s preposterous! I DON’T WANT BEER! I JUST WANT MY BACON!!!!!!
Apparently their reasoning is that if people forge IDs, they usually forge Canadian ones because nobody is used to detecting fake Canadian licences. As a Canadian, I feel so abused! So after making a huge deal out of it (and not letting me have an underage bright orange wristband), they called their supervisor over. He proceeded to scrutinize my ID and then finally let me in (on the condition that I wear an underage wristband… I know we could have avoided they whole mess).

Anyways, Philadelphians love their bacon. It was ridiculous how many people were there! We decided to start lining up right away in order to get bacon.


Guess how long it took to get to the front. One hour and thirty some minutes. At least you could order all the items you wanted when you got there. We tried the bacon cheddar dog, the bacon slider and the bacon wrapped chicken dumpling.




I think my favorite was the bacon wrapped chicken dumpling. It was really flavorful. I liked the cheddar dog too, but it was really salty! Yvonne and I also sampled some bacon jams which were surprisingly very good! I was quite impressed, but they definitely don’t fit a college student’s budget =(

The bacon festival also had some really cute shirts. This was my favorite:


We didn’t stay too much longer at the festival (we do have to study!), but we definitely had fun…. just maybe not as much fun as this guy.


Pre-bacon and free chocolate milk:


All bacon-ed out:




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