Federal Donuts

You’ve probably tried Chicken and Waffles, but have you ever tried Chicken and Donuts? That’s right, donuts.
The concept seems strange, but having loved chicken and waffles, I was confident that this was an even more American trend… fried chicken and donuts. So the way it works is that you can order half a chicken or a whole chicken (they come with a series of different rubs and spices) which comes with a regular cake donut, and you can also order the specialty donuts individually.

We didn’t know that the chicken comes with the donut, so…. we order two half orders of chicken AND a chocolate peanut butter donut.


I don’t normally like the texture of cake donuts. I feel like they’re too much for a mouthful since they tend to be on the dry side, but this chocolate peanut butter cake donut was having an identity crisis. It tasted like a cake donut, but it was less dense; I felt like I wasn’t wading through a glob of dough.

The chicken itself was very moist, but I was slightly disappointed that it felt like they had just dumped a ton of seasoning on top.

I had the buttermilk ranch.


Dad had the curry.


Overall, it was really good. But my favorite donut place is still Beiler’s at Reading Terminal Place.


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